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Barrett Rusnak

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Mr. Rusnak is a wine lover, experienced wine cellar designer and has been a Contactor for many years. Barrett’s strong suits are his construction expertise and knack for unique wine cellar designs. He also knows what it takes to properly prepare a wine cellars for climate systems in Florida’s extreme conditions. He is very skilled in dealing with potential pitfalls such as protecting equipment from corrosion in salt water areas, excessive humidity and the overall management of the demanding climate conditions for his region.

He has always wanted to be a builder even at a young age and years ago when Mr. Rusnak started out wine cellars were one of his first opportunities.  He got to work with some of the most talented craftsmen he had ever met. Over the years he has become a highly skilled wine cellar consultant and enjoys the challenge and excitement of transforming a client’s wishes to reality.
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“Working with Barrett was great, he was attentive and made sure that all the details were not only covered, but perfected. We love our wine cellar.” Paul W

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If project plans are available, you may fax to (866) 264-1293, or call (866) 640-2607 to discuss with a Luxe representative. You may also upload them here.

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Our Vision is simple, the relentless pursuit of perfection in all things wine cellars. We are passionate about wine and obsessed with quality. We strive to create the most luxurious products and provide highest class of service available.

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Luxe has deep roots in the refrigeration industry and has been involved in commercial and residential wine refrigeration applications in the Pacific Northwest since the early 1980's. An extensive knowledge of the wine industry and its unique refrigeration needs allow Luxe to design and build some of the most sophisticated wine cellar cooling systems in the world. Luxe team members have consulted on many commercial and residential products and have extensive construction experience, education and training.  This extensive and diverse industry expertise sets us apart from other firms who have limited construction and refrigeration experience and work primarily in the residential markets. We continually develop new and innovative products and cellar concepts, and look forward to sharing them with you.